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Paloma Ranch is a subdivision of 10+ acre tracts of land located about 18.5 miles South of Uvalde, Tx and 3.5 miles North of the little town of La Pryor, Tx on Highway 1436. It is a 20-minute drive to H-E-B and Walmart in Uvalde.

The soil is a tan light sandy loam that can soak up and hold an amazing amount of rain. It does not become tacky and stick to tires, shoes or floors. The tracts all have healthy stands of grass and 10% to 50% coverage of primarily mid-size mesquites. This is good looking land!

A water meter is included in the price of the land, with water from a community well. The $45.00/month minimum buys 7500 gallons. This is a bargain compared to a water well.

Electricity is supplied to the lots from an AEP Electric line. Customers pay approximately $10-$15 per foot for the extension from the main line to their houses.

Sewage is by septic system; that nice fluffy soil allows relatively inexpensive septic systems. Most customers are paying $3500-$5500, depending on conditions for their systems.

There is owner financing available with $1,000.00 down, 9% APR simple interest fixed rate, with a maximum term of 30 years with no prepayment penalty. Most customers write a 30 year note, but can pay the $50.00 extra a month that will pay the note off in 20 years.

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